Sunday, February 5, 2012

With Curt, Terry, Howie and the guys

OK, I'm Curt and we're here in the studio with Terry, Howie, Jimmy, Peter, Paul and John:

Well guys, we all know what's going to happen on the field tonight, but the real question is about this Year Without Sports guy. Who here thinks he's going to go the whole night without watching the SB?

Terry for one is Fired Up! So how about it Terry?

TERRY: Well, Curt: Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day.

CURT: Groundhog day?

TERRY: That's right, Curt. You see, when I was a little, itty-bitty boy, I would wait to hear if that ol' Punxsutawney Phil was goin' to see his ol' shadow and give us SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER! Oh man! I would get so upset when that miserable, l'il woodchuck would see his miserable, l'il shadow, which meant I'd suffer another six more miserable weeks of winter. It was awful. And that's how it must be for this No Sports Dude. Six weeks of winter and nothin' to break it up. Oh my Godfrey. I can remember that feeling, Curt. I can remember it!

CURT: But Terry, you grew up in Louisiana. Did you really have a winter!

TERRY: Ahhhhha!!! I gotcha Curt. See that? I gotcha, Curt, I gotcha!

JOHN: Booom. You got him good, Terry. Boom. Don't worry about the horse being blind. Always load the wagon. And then BOOM!

CURT: That's funny guys. Madden, what are you doing here?


what to do on Super Bowl Sunday

Sharon (the wife) says that she'll be glad when today is over because I've spent the last three months wondering what I'm going to do on Super Bowl Sunday. The problem is I've got too many stipulations. 1) It must be something that rises to the occasion in excitement. So that would rule out those ordinary activities that I usually do on Sunday, including taking the dogs for a walk, riding my bike, reading a book, taking a nap, puttering around the yard. 2)It can't be something too frou-frou. So that would rule out going to see that big fashion exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art, something that Sharon and Natalie really want to do. 3) It can be something I do with the family, because spending time with the family is a valuable alternative to sports-watching. (So should I suck it up and go to the Gaultier exhibition at the DMA?). 4)Ideally, it would be something manly like salt-water fishing or rock-climbing. Of course, I'm eight hours from the ocean and there aren't many rock outcrops around Arlington. The wife is now suggesting yoga followed by watercolor painting-- something that she clearly wants to do, since I do neither. I haven't talked to the dogs yet, but they always have the same suggestion: Walky? Walky? Or Squirrel! Squirrel! So, I'm still up in the air. Stay tuned.