Monday, October 31, 2011

A year without sports

I'm determined to cut my obsession with sports. Why? The catalyst was the collapse by the Texas Rangers in the late innings of the sixth game of the 2011 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals. The Rangers gave up leads in the 9th and 10 innings on their way to a heartbreaking 10-9 loss. They went on to lose Game 7 in St. Louis, an anti-climactic game if ever there was one.
At some point after the final out, after untangling the knots in my legs, arms and fingers, I decided I'd had enough. It was time. I turned 56 on Oct. 3. I've been a big baseball fan since at least 1963, when I was 8 years old. (Though I like to imagine that I saw Bill Mazeroski's home run fly over the left field wall at Forbes Field in the bottom of the 9th of the 7th game of the World Series between the Yankees and the Pirates.) I've been listening to games, watching games and attending games for nearly 50 years. This devotion has brought great delight over the years and led to friendships and many shared moments.
But now, I want my life back. I want to think about something besides what the Pirates and the Steelers of my hometown Pittsburgh are going to do next week, or next season. I don't want to spend nights following my adopted Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks (I could never adopt the Cowboys. More on that later.) I'd like to spend my spare time in other ways besides living and dying with each win and loss of my team. I'd like to start a new hobby, maybe exercise more and lose weight. Learn Chinese. Who knows what I could do with all this spare time?
Naturally, I was thinking of starting A Year Without Sports on New Year's. But I'm afraid that my resolve will fade by then. So, I've decided to start right now. Oct. 31, 2011. Halloween. Haunted by all the time I've spent on the couch watching my team on the tube, I'm turning it off. Dave unplugged. I'm starting fresh. To do what? I haven't the faintest idea. But I've decided to take my first step. And we'll see where it all leads.


  1. The wives and children of America thank you

  2. And yet you've started a blog where you can post about how you're not following sports?

    How about stepping away from all sports blogs, changing your radio buttons from the sporty choices, and really doing it?

  3. Fair amount of snark in the commentary. But what's up with McFadden? His best days were like 5 years ago and he did nothing at all for the 'Skins or the Minnesota Twins.

    "Hi, My name is Dave and I'm a sportsaholic."

    (group in unison) "Hi Dave."

    But, really, I can’t say it any better than the playwright Will Robinson did from his famous play - "What's up with the Cowboys?"

    Jerry Jones:
    “O Romo, Romo, wherefore is thy passing Romo?
    Deny me thy owner and refuse my name;
    Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn to be a halfway decent QB
    And I'll no longer be one of the 0.1%.

    [Aside] Shall I hear more in hopes of more pay, or shall I speak at this?

    Jerry Jones:
    'Tis but thy throwing arm that is my enemy:
    Thou art thyself, though happily not a Redskin.
    What's a Redskin? It is nor passing nor running,
    Nor tackling nor sacking, nor any other part
    Belonging to a football team. O be some other team!
    What's in a name? That which we call a Cowboy
    By any other word would smell as sweet;
    So Romo would, were he not Romo call'd,
    Retain that dear perfection which he’s supposed to be giving me.
    Without that title, QB, Romo, doff thy helmet,
    and for thy position, which is no part of thee,
    Take all myself – I’d do a better job.”

  4. To paraphrase a famous quote from When Harry Met Sally: "I'll have what Jimbo's having."

  5. Wow. What a mind boggling concept! (I wish MY husband/son would do that! Typed while wearing a Pens t-shirt!)

  6. Since you are going to do this year w/o sports thing, I will be your avatar watching the Steelers-Ravens matchup, which NBC is making out to be mightier than Frazier-Ali, Iran vs. Iraq, Sam Houston vs. Gen. Santa Ana, yadda-yadda. Should be good or at least I hope.

  7. Hey Jimbo, Any particular reason you commented on the first entry instead of the latest entry? You're confusing me, man! But if you're going to be my stand-in for the Steelers game, you could at least leave a man a score now and then...